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Google Has Changed Google+ Again

Once again, Google has changed the way they show local results and revamped Google+! Google+ Has a New Look  For those who utilize local search for their business this change is just another in a long line of functionality changes, display updates, and rebranding that Google Local has been making in recent years. The last change was on November 17th, 2015. With little warning or explanation, as


Creating Backlinks

What's the old saying, "The cobblers' children have no shoes?" As a web marketing consultant, I'm often embarrassed by my own site and what I've done for myself in terms of my online presence. I preach that "online marketing is a sum of its parts" and to "do a little each day, it adds up". Well, it's true. However, putting that into practice takes time and energy. For my own site, I lack both! Through the years I've been busy