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Press Release Ideas

Often my clients are interested distributing press releases.  I applaud clients that recognize the benefits of press releases!  Distributing news via a press release is extremely helpful in not only gaining exposure for your company, advancing your message in the marketplace and strengthening your brand by becoming an authority on a particular issue, but they also can be picked up and re-distributed via other websites creating backlinks to your website.

The key to making press releases work for you is to get into the regular habit of creating and publishing news.  One of the biggest challenges for my clients to get started putting out press releases is identifying newsworthy items for their next press release.  To help them overcome that challenge, here’s a list of press release ideas that can help get the creative juices flowing!

Company Growth, Milestones and Strategy Shifts

  • New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  • Creation of a new company or spin-off
  • Milestone accomplishments
  • Company anniversary (eg. 50 years in business)
  • New office opening or relocation
  • Company Name Change
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • New executives and other personnel changes
  • Transfer in ownership
  • Company reorganization
  • Holiday-related sales
  • Major steps towards “going green”
  • Stock offerings
  • Financial and earnings updates
  • Securing business funding or credit – including venture capital or angel investments

Products and Pricing Promotions

  • New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  • Free shipping offer/changes in shipping rates
  • New products and services
  • Product name change
  • New product production process
  • New products, services, pricing and promotions
  • New contests and sweepstakes
  • Holiday-related sales and promotions
  • Unique and new uses for existing products
  • New promotional programs like referral rewards
  • Free consultations, trial offers and samples

Market Trends and Thought Leadership

  • New market studies, research, surveys and polls
  • Helpful tips for customers, related to your business
  • Market trends affecting your business
  • A new award win
  • Milestone accomplishments
  • Free educational information, e-books, newsletters and white papers
  • Media and speaker appearances by executives
  • Inspirational stories related to your business
  • Predictions for your industry and supporting market analyst information
  • Educational online and in-person events
  • New technology trends affecting your industry
  • Informative industry scam information
  • Expert opinion on an important subject within your industry
  • Debunking of common “myths” related to your industry
  • Tips sheets or feature stories like “Top 10 Valentine Gifts,” “Top 10 Common Mistakes of Social Media Marketing” or “How to Land a Job in 30 days.”
  • Commentary and product or business tie-ins to current events
  • News of the Weird: an outrageous claim or outlandish event like “Coffee Shop offers gourmet $200 latte!”

Customer Wins and Endorsements

  • Significant customer win and case studies
  • Customer acquisition milestones (100th customer, 500th customer, 1 million customers, etc)
  • Celebrity and public figure endorsements or product purchase (be sure to get approval).


  • Business re-branding
  • New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  • Company name change
  • Product name change

Community and Charity

  • Involvement with a charity
  • Local event or team sponsorships
  • Recent charitable contributions
  • Inspirational stories
  • Internship Programs
  • Pro bono work


  • Scheduling of in-person seminars
  • Success of events
  • Appearance at a trade show
  • Scheduling and success of Web events
  • Event sponsorship
  • Holiday-related events

Legal and Crisis Communications

  • Transfer in ownership, if public
  • Company reorganization, if public
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Response to being named in a lawsuit
  • Response to accusations against your company or industry
  • Initial Public Offering or plans and timelines to go public
  • Stock offerings
  • Financial and earnings updates
  • Securing business funding or credit – including venture capital or angel investments

In addition to all of the other marketing help I offer, I also am proficient in writing press releases.  I utilize numerous free press release distribution sites as well as paid sites to publish newsworthy items for my clients.  If you have any questions about creating a public relations plan or marketing plan for your company, please feel free to contact me!

*List credit:  PRWeb

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