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What Automotive Manufacturers Are Learning from Social Media

Consumers rely heavily on the internet for many things.  In regards to looking up information about an automobile, there’s a long laundry list of common searches, such as:

  • Safety and reliability
  • Looking up vehicle consumer surveys
  • Insurance industry statistics
  • Manufacturer websites
  • Complaints filed with regulatory agencies.

In addition to being an excellent source for consumers’ safety and reliability information, automobile users are also producers of such information.  They use traditional internet media such as emails and online forms.  More and more automobile users are using social media tools such as bulletin boards, blogs, and Twitter too.

Researchers now say that these social media posts can help auto manufacturers find vehicle defects.  These researchers have developed a computer-based information system that provides auto manufacturers an efficient way to discover and classify vehicle defects.  Now that’s an interesting use of online social interactions!

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