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Are Small Businesses Using Social Media?

A recent survey from Vertical Response, an online marketing provider, took a look at small businesses and their use of social media.


  • FACEBOOK:  The basic findings show Facebook as the number one social platform, not surprising.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS:  Almost 60% of small businesses spend more than $26 a month for tools that help them publish social media updates: With a number of excellent free social tools available today – I was kind of shocked by this.


  • BLOGGING:  Small businesses have blogs! In fact, the survey showed that 55% of small businesses have one. What the survey doesn’t tell you is how often they are updated or what information is being shared — keys to making your blog work for you.


  • TWITTER:  The survey also indicated that 70% are on Twitter. Again, being “on Twitter” can mean many things, and the vast majority post once a day, at most, or several times a week. What this shows is that many are signing up and checking it out, but few are actually using it as a marketing channel.


The survey was conducted with small businesses under 100 employees (93% of respondents fell into this category) and 43% were the owners/CEOs/sole proprietors as well.



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