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Will Google Plus Be the New Social Media Leader?

Google Plus, otherwise know as Google+, or simply g+, is an up-and-coming social media network from Google Inc.

Google + is now in direct competition with Facebook, the social media giant. Google Plus is claiming to have a database of 90 million users while Facebook is claiming to have 800 million users.

Because I live, breathe and sleep internet marketing, I’m predicting that Google Plus could be more popular than Facebook in the near future. To me, it combines Twitter and Facebook in a unique way. First time users report that it feels less complicated than the ever changing Facebook.  Also, g+ offers more immediately visible content than Twitter where you’d need to click links to see images and read more of an article than the first 140 characters.  Although Twitter’s #Discover feature and new profile header option tells me not to count Twitter out of the running.  These two rich media features say changes are coming for Twitter too — more on this in a future blog!

Bottom line –the social media war is on as far as I’m concerned. Will it be Google+ or Facebook that takes the lead?  Maybe Twitter will pull the rabbit out of the hat?  No matter which outcome, now is the best time to start increasing your presence on Google Plus — adding content, circles, friends and followers.  As if you didn’t have enough to do, be sure not to neglect your Facebook and Twitter accounts in the process!

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