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Just Do Something

A few months ago, I had a potential client call me with a big problem.  His website traffic was down – way down.  Most of his websites were sales landing pages.  They had been hit hard by the Penguin and Panda Google algorithms.

He did lots of research on his own to have a better grasp the situation and figured out what he needed to change.   So, by the time we spoke, he knew three things:

1)      He knew what work needed to be done,

2)      He knew he needed outsourced marketing help because he didn’t have the staff to help him or the time to do it himself, and  –

3)      He knew I could help him.

I applauded him on his research efforts.  Most of my clients know there’s a problem and they call me in to figure out what’s wrong and then have me attack it.  Here was a guy who, in my opinion, if he had the time and energy – he could fix this issue himself – he was THAT versed in what needed to be done.

Sounds like the next step for us would have been to just dig in and get started, right?  Well, no — not really.  He was stuck.  Literally – he was mentally stuck.  Even with all the research he did, information he gathered and our conversations that validated that his conclusions were correct – he was paralyzed with fear.

It was a crazy scenario, he called me for marketing help, told me what the problem was, even had the solution – but I really think he wanted me to tell him not to do it.  This was evident to me because he kept doing what I call the “But if’s”…

But if I didn’t make the changes…

But if I did make the changes…

But if I did this and not that…

But, if, But, if, But, if…

At this point, I had to be blunt and ask him — if he did nothing now, in a year, where did he think his websites would be?  In response, he laughed and said – yeah, you’re right.  I told him I didn’t want to be right, I wanted him to know that no matter whether or not we worked together, he needed to do something.  Try one of the things on the list – evaluate how that helps his search rank.  Or, try implementing all the changes on one website.  Or, try different things on different sites.

The bottom line was what was working in the past, isn’t working now – he needed to just do something!  Sitting on the sidelines watching business slip away was not going to solve anything.

As I remember this conversation, I am also reminded that often, we all need a reminder to Just Do Something to help the momentum of our   Whether it’s write a blog, engage in social media, article marketing, public relations, advertising – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your online presence.

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