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Creating Backlinks

What’s the old saying, “The cobblers’ children have no shoes?” As a web marketing consultant, I’m often embarrassed by my own site and what I’ve done for myself in terms of my online presence. I preach that “online marketing is a sum of its parts” and to “do a little each day, it adds up”. Well, it’s true. However, putting that into practice takes time and energy. For my own site, I lack both! Through the years I’ve been busy writing and promoting other people’s websites. I’ve SEO’d the sites, I’ve written press releases, articles, blogs, managed social media – you name it, I’ve done it. While all that was happening, I thoroughly neglected my own website. But, today as I drew up a plan for a SEO client, I decided to post this backlink overview because I think may people can benefit from this simple list. It details many different ways to create backlinks to your site. Most of them are time consuming, and take effort…but as I always say – “Do a little each day, it adds up.”

Here are a Dozen Tips for Creating Backlinks

1.  Article Sites – write articles and post to Article Marketing sites, be sure to backlink to your website and include a good boiler plate about your company at the bottom.

2.  Public Relations Sites – There are free press release distribution sites as well as paid ones.  These sites provide an opportunity to promote your company, product or service with newsworthy items.  Again, a good boiler plate should be included as well as your url.

3.  Social Bookmarking – Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. can be used to bookmark your website and create a backlink.

4.  Web Directory Listings – There are thousands upon thousands of web directories, both free and paid.  Of course getting listed on the top ones like DMOZ and Yahoo! is important, but some smaller niche ones can be as helpful.

5.  Blogs – Blogs are a great way to get your company’s website out there.  You can comment, be a guest author and include your url.  As with any online posting, don’t spam, keep your comments in line with the content of the original post — or you’ll do more damage than good.

6.  Forums -There are many, many opportunities to post in forums related to your business.  I guarantee it.  While time consuming to search for the opportune place to post, a few “good” forum posts and you’re making headway.

7.  Social Media Sites -Facebook, Twitter, LI, and the fast growing Pinterest are all excellent ways to engage with potential customers.  Each site has its own style or what I call ‘type of engagement’.  Where Pinterest is all about the pictures (and the SEOing of the comments, adding the url, hashtags, etc.), LinkedIn is about exchanging ideas, collaborating and networking.  What works on one social media platform — most likely won’t work on another.

8.  Video Sites – With video sites like Youtube, Google Video, etc. everyone hopes to have their video go viral.  Worst case, it’s an opportunity to present your company in an audio/video fashion or describe how a module of your new software works, the ideas are truly limitless.  Don’t forget to keyword the descriptions and include your url in description too.

9.  Answer Sites Yahoo! Answers and other answer sites are an opportunity to include your url and to promote yourself as an expert in your field.

10.  Place ads on CraigsList – This is an often overlooked idea, but a great way to get a backlink when you include your url in the description.

11.  Join the BBB – As a well known business service, the Better Business Bureau will include your url on their website as well as provide feedback related to how you conduct business.

12.  Link exchanges – A good way to grow the number of links you have is to do link exchanges with other like companies.  Let’s say you have a travel company, doing a link exchange with a suitcase company just might make sense.  Also, don’t forget about affiliate programs where you can turn an outbound link off your website into some extra cash in your pocket!

If you don’t have the time to complete some or all of these backlink ideas, you’re in luck! You’ve landed on my website and I can provide the marketing help you need. Just give me a call at (352) 406-2011 or email me!


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