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Top Eight Keyword Rules

I use these guidelines to keep me on track balancing keyword density with search engine optimization and readability. There are writers who go to extremes, and I see this often online. At one end of the spectrum, we have the keyword stuffer. This person will use the term so many times that the content becomes unreadable and difficult to follow. On the other side of the equation, you have the writer who seems to be totally unaware he or she should even be including keywords. Writing for fun is great, but it will not garner results.

So, where is the balance? Here are some of my keyword density rules for SEO:

  • Include it in the title tag
  • Include it once in the h1 header tag
  • Use the keyword three times in the body of the page
  • Bold it once in the body text
  • Use the keyword in an alt tag on an image
  • Use it in the URL slug
  • Include the keyword once in the meta description
  • Do not use the keyword to link to another page.

Keep in mind that these are just rules of thumb. The internet is not going to explode if you use the term four times in the body or do not include an alt tag!

Have fun writing…or, you could just Hire Maureen!

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