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4 Things You Should Know About LinkedIn

Have you heard of LinkedIn?  Are you an active participant?  If you answer no to either one of those questions, I have some great news.  You’re missing some lucrative opportunities.  Why on earth would I consider that great news?  Well, as a results oriented web marketing consultant, I can assure you that LinkedIn will open new doors for you and your business.  In fact, in today’s online world, LinkedIn is how business professionals connect, exchange ideas, partner with others to grow their business and increase their bottom line.

If you’re not already on LinkedIn or are not active, here are four things you should know about LinkedIn:

1.  Your Profile is Searchable

Let’s say someone is searching for a software developer or information about a solar panel engineering firm.  Using keywords in your profile can help your profile get noticed in search.  Additionally, it’s a way to showcase your company website, Twitter feed, documents, slideshows, videos.  Be sure to explore the applications section, there are a lot of interesting add-ons here that are seriously under-utilized in most profiles.

2.  Relevant Groups are a Goldmine

Joining pertinent industry or business groups can help you connect with not only other professionals in your field, but your customers as well.  You can join up to 50 groups at a time which really increases your circle of influence.  Plus, sharing relatable content can lead to increasing your knowledge base and possibly give you a new idea or two to implement.

3.  Participating in Discussions Gets Attention

Posting new discussions and adding comments to other people’s discussions gets your name, face and company information in front of thousands, even millions of people.  The more active you are, the more visible you are to potential opportunities.  A word of caution:  No one likes spam – especially in this forum.  This is not the place to repost the same lame thing again and again or just blatantly advertise your company, its products or services.  Also, remember this is a truly professional forum.  If you wouldn’t say it in a face-to-face business meeting in mixed company, don’t say it on LinkedIn.

4.  Adding New Connections Increases Opportunities

Finding new customers, affiliates, partners or other business opportunities is as simple as mining LinkedIn’s extensive database.  A word of caution:  Be selective with the number of invites you extend as you only get a lifetime maximum of 4000 as a basic user.  Also be sure to find a common ground with your potential new connection and mention that in your connection request.  If too many of your requests are rejected, you risk having your account restricted.

No Time To Market Your Business?

Again, I have good news.  I can do that for you.  As a former director of marketing and public relations executive, I have the skills and the know how to ghost manage your LinkedIn account (as well as other social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter).   I have been helping other individuals and companies manage their online presence for years.  I can develop and manage your profile, create content about your industry, your business, your products and push that content out to your network.  My services can also include article and press release writing and distribution, website development and management, as well as search engine optimization, blogging and link building.  I offer individualized and affordable marketing solutions to companies of all sizes.

Stop missing opportunities.  Let me help you market your business.

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