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Website Marketing Strategies

Wondering what to do with all your free time? Consider these website marketing strategies. Many companies may never reach their full potential because they just can’t get past the top ten on this list. How does your company rate? Need marketing help?

1. Most would top their list with SEO, but that’s putting the cart before the horse. You only get one opportunity to make a great first impression, so even before SEO I perform a website usability analysis that examines graphic design, navigation, and whether the marketing copy is filled with the right kind of content to be effective.

2. Interesting, useful content that refreshes sufficiently to keep attracting return visits.

3. SEO and then submissions to search engines

4. Including URL and any sort of (newsworthy) offer or service in a press release; create separate social media version and video news release

5. Disseminating the press release using wires and online distribution services (this can often generate multiple pass-along postings)

6. Cross-promoting the (newsworthy) offer & URL via pitches to traditional media: TV, radio, wire services, newspapers, consumer magazines, trade pubs–and their associated websites

7. Mass-media advertising that includes the URL, especially billboards & buses

8. Getting listed in expert-source directories for journalists

9. Setting up link exchanges with as many allied sites as possible

10. Securing listings on portals such as MSN and Craigslist

11. Securing listings in directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ,

12. Placements in websites of local media (papers, TV, radio)

13. Placements in (national) city guides (CitySearch, AOL CityGuide)

14. Listings in professional-resource or association/trade directories (online and offline)

15. Generating traffic by writing contributed articles and/or online columns for other sites, as well as print media (including op-eds with URL in the bio tag) and securing TV/radio interviews

16. Generating traffic by becoming a subject-matter expert at and imitators

17. Create a Wikipedia entry

18. Write and promote an e-book

19. Target news aggregators such as Mixx and social news platforms such as Newsvine

20. Secure listings in social bookmarking sites (such as Delicious) and social-recommendation sites (such as StumbleUpon)

21. Including URL in my e-mail signature

22. Offering value in news groups and mailing lists, where my signature will be seen

23. Secure editorial placements in topically relevant e-mail newsletters, printed newsletters and niche print pubs

24. Design and promulgate a useful (software) widget that will point users to my site for more services

25. Promote the site on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, et. al.

26. Promote the site on microblogging channels

27. Promote the site via podcasts

28. Promote the site via blogs with RSS feeds

29. Promote via vlogs, v-casts (video podcasts) and promotional videos on YouTube and other video-sharing sites

30. Get listed in video search engines

31. Promote URL in newsletters optimized for mobile platforms

32. Create a mobile-optimized version of the regular site, formatted to display on mobile devices

33. Secure listings in mobile search directories

34. Create a logo with URL that can be downloaded as wallpaper to mobile devices

35. Create vlogs for mobile devices

36. Create video viral content for aggregators such as ViralBank and ViralMonitor

37. Purchase placements in Google’s AdSense platform for games

38. Purchase placements in virtual multiverse communities such as 2nd Life

39. Pay manufacturers for billboards inside 3-D virtual reality games

40. Pay manufacturers for promotional placements in standard computer games

41. Pay Web microcelebrities to recommend the site/service on their own blogs and videos

42. Use nontraditional advertising to reach captive audiences: Elevators, taxis, restroom stalls, dentists’ ceilings and/or video monitors, airports & other departure locations, gas-station monitors, sporting arena , ATMs, vending machines and digital reader boards.


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