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Managing Unsubscribes in an Email Campaign

Many consumers unsubscribe to email updates and newsletters because of too frequent, irrelevant or boring communications.

To avoid loosing subscribers in the first place, email marketing messages should be targeted to the interests of your audience and speak to the reasons they initially signed up to receive your messages.  Therefore, before you begin any email campaign, start by knowing who your subscribers are.  The next step would be to identify what they want. Do they prefer long form content or are they looking for bulleted quick hits? If you don’t know this information already, poll them to help you build a better communication piece. As Seth Godin would say, you want make them feel like part of a tribe–your tribe.  Beyond that, to keep your readers interested, they need to find value in the content that you provide.

While some unsubscribes are inevitable, knowing your audience will go a long way towards minimizing the number that opt-out of your email campaigns.  However, if the end user does decide to opt-out, here’s one unique way to try and recapture their attention and bring them back into the fold — so to speak…

Recently I decided to unsubscribe to Groupon.  This company features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in 43 countries.  The reason for my decision actually had nothing to do with Groupon.  It was simply that I had been receiving too much email.  So, as I’d receive non-work related emails, I just started unsubscribing to the messages.  However, upon unsubscribing to this email newsletter, I was caught by surprise by the clever way they tried to re-market, manage unsubscribes, and save their members.  It definitely caught my attention…nice job!

See their clever idea for yourself:  Groupon Unsubscribe

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