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Networking Your Way to a New Career

Should I focus on job boards or networking? If you’re answer is job boards, unfortunately, you’re incorrect and it could hurt your chances of landing that new job.

New reports show that on any ‘typical’ job board, like CareerBuilder or Monster, less than 4% of the open positions, at any given company, are filled via that method.

Job boards have partnered with the media companies and provide them with much needed advertising dollars. So, while you may see their company logos everywhere, the success stories aren’t as numerous. Media companies, like the already failing newspapers, are reluctant to report the true findings and lose those much needed advertising dollars.

While job boards shouldn’t be completely ignored. Spending 10-20% of your time on these searches is probably the maximum amount of time you’d want to dedicate.

And, while you’re there – you might as well follow some basic tips to ‘do it right.’

* Have an up to date resume filled with searchable key terms that relate to your skill-set.
* Refresh it weekly – change something, even if it’s the title. Many searches are done by date and the newest are viewed first.
* Name your resume with your first name, last name, and the position you’re seeking.
* Don’t put a date in the name of your resume – it can show how long you’ve been out of work.
* Use aggregators like where all the jobs can be found on one site. Be sure to set up alerts so that when a new job matching your criteria is found, you’ll receive an email.
* Use LinkedIn’s job boards
* Search for specific company job boards if an opening is found, apply on their site instead of the overcrowded job boards.

So, while searching for that new job from the comfort of your home office or couch may be convenient, to land a job in today’s market, you’re more than likely going to have to…’Step Away from the Job Boards…’ and network.

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